Meet a Muslim campaign is an initiative of the Outreach Department of the the Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association (AMYA) USA, internally referred to as Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya – “Association of Servants of True Islam." Founded in 1938 to serve as the young men and boys auxiliary of the entire Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, AMYA was officially established in the United States in 1939, making it one of the earliest Muslim youth organizations in the United States. Muslimyouth.org

#MeetAMuslim is here to give an opportunity to the 62%of Americans who do not know a Muslim. We firmly believe that through open dialogue we can work together to reduce this number. We are reaching out to prisons, police/fire departments and places of worship to present beliefs of Muslims, introduce Islam and entertain open Q&A.

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Awesome. I'm looking forward to it. Hope lots of people come out to support #humanity & #Peace @ #MeetAMuslim http://meetamuslim.us/upcoming-events-meet-a-muslim/ …

Leslie Gillett

This is such a wonderful idea and am happy to learn of this program. Christians have their own sad history that a lot ignore!#MeetAMuslim

John Goldsmith

@MuslimIQ @MuslimYouthUSA now you have done it..amidst all of the crazy news today you made me cry in happiness 💗

Johanna Quirk



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