Lynn Carroll 🏳️‍🌈
Such a cool effort to talk with folks who may not know much about Islam. Thanks to these youth for participating in #MeetaMuslim Philly!
L'Egyptologue Retweeted The Minaret A quand un #MeetAMuslim en France ? Pr faire tomber les barrières de l'ignorance... #musulmans
#meetamuslim is such a good idea.
What a great idea. So impressed by the young men of #MeetAMuslim
Geetika Retweeted Qasim Rashid, Esq. Do... search #MeetAMuslim! I just did and it made my day. We need more of these beautiful displays of unity. #resist
Chris Urso
Proud of these men at the NC Flea Market. So sad that they feel they have to do this in the US. #MeetAMuslim
City of New York
National #MeetAMuslim day visited Times Square yesterday!
Thanks to so many @MuslimYouthUSA for being brave enough to try this. If only we all were more open to dialogue and learning. Thank you.
Al Mugtama Magazine
#MeetAMuslim: #Campaign Breaks Down #Barriers to #Educate #Public About #Islam
Maggie Angst
On National #MeetAMuslim day, group used Milwaukee's St. Patrick's Day Parade to debunk misconceptions
anita Grace Brown
#meetamuslim day in Colls NJ. friendly open smart young men spending time educating us on faith #inspired
Stephanie M. Smith
Did you something from meeting your Muslim neighbors? Make a new friend? Break down a misconception? #MeetAMuslim #BeAMuslimAlly
Theresa Harrington
Happy to greet some friendly members of our community with my grandson today in #PleasantHill on National #meetamuslim Day!
@MuslimPresident @salawm. Everyone has met a muslim, probably daily. People are blind. Thanks for raising awareness.#MeetAMuslim
Dr. Dan DeMarle
#MeetaMuslim At the public market in freezing weather this morning and ran into these young men. Great 2 break down barriers
Nancy Hoang
Don't get me wrong. AMYA's #MeetAMuslim Day has great intent & the dialogue is incredibly important, but wish it didn't have to come to this
Whitney Tyler
Awesome people doing great work in Chicago!! #MeetAMuslim
Adnan Virk, ESPN
62% of Americans don't know a Muslim. Let's #MeetAMuslim today & bring that number down! Find a Muslim near you: http://thndr.me/VfQgwY
Why learn about Muslims through media & hateful uneducated people when you can get reliable information from a Muslim yourself? #MeetAMuslim
Kahlyn Bell
I stand for what lies underneath the clothing of skin. I stand for love. I stand for equality. #MeetAMuslim #Equality
Steffen Schwarzkopf
Date-Angebot der besonderen Art in Gaithersburg, Maryland. Botschaft: Keine Angst vor #Muslimen. #MeetaMuslim @welt @n24
26 with a real feel of 15 degrees. We need more people like you. #meetamuslim #Pittsburgh
Call To Action GA
Stand Up for Democracy in Decatur #MeetaMuslim
Penny C. Nicholas
@muslimsforpeace I was blessed to have met these wonderful men on #MeetAMuslim Day! We ARE ALL GOD'S CHILDREN! TY
Andrea L. Pino
Got to meet a friend today on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. Check out the #MeetaMuslim campaign! @alislam @AMYA_Outreach
Steven Carter
#MeetaMuslim someday we will reach a point where we can all live and let live, to get there we must be open in learning from each other.
Andrea L. Pino
Many Americans say they've never met a Muslim.I'm not one of those people (hi,beautiful Muslim friends!👋🏽)but love meeting more!#MeetaMuslim
Cling 2 Reality
Did you #meetamuslim today. I did. They didn't look like me or think like me. And that is ok with me / cause I am not a xenophobe.
Just met hahmod outside the Lincoln memorial in D.C go support him at #MeetAMuslim
Jari Safi & Ayaz Mirzq invite people in downtown SF to #meetamuslim and start conversations with them about Islamic culture and religion.
NBC Asian America
Got a question about Islam? One organization is hosting National #MeetAMuslim Day today to help you
Decatur Police GA
#yourdecaturpolice Ofc. Kersey is making friends at today's "Stand Up For Democracy" community rally on the Decatur square.
#meetamuslim met three nice men spreading the word today in Middle River. Applaud their courage and glad to have made their acquaintance!
So glad I got to #MeetAMuslim in the park today! Thanks for spreading positivity in the QC! #CLT #LoveTrumpsHate
⚡️CommonWhiteGirl ⚡️
National #MeetAMuslim Day Encourages Conversation and Awareness Check out the photos and tweets from the National #AskAMuslim Day campaign.
Anisa Mone't 🌻
Such a beautiful moment for me 👏🏽 #MeetAMuslim
Lu Ann Stoia
People at Nationwide Arena there for sports AND then get invitation to #MeetAMuslim and ask them anything.National event peaceful in #Cbus
Rachel Wolff
#MeetAMuslim #Respect #Youth
Introvert Fitness
Super sunny and v windy but lovely to #MeetAMuslim and snap a picture xoxo
Appreciate the effort. I take for granted I have friends who are Muslim + travelled to Muslim-majority countries to learn #MeetAMuslim
Newtonville Books
Chatted with some kind folk, including Azeem and Mohammad, at the #meetamuslim booth. Thank you… https://www.instagram.com/p/BRg7-SjBBET/
Leslie Gillett
Awesome. I'm looking forward to it. Hope lots of people come out to support #humanity & #Peace @ #MeetAMuslim
Times of Ahmad
US Ahmadiyya youth group to come out full force for #MeetaMuslim campaign | Madeel Abdullah http://dlvr.it/NZlTjs Pls RT
johanna quirk
@MuslimIQ @MuslimYouthUSA now you have done it..amidst all of the crazy news today you made me cry in happiness 💗
Cling 2 Reality
This is awesome. March 11, Find your city, show you are not afraid of people different from you. #meetamuslim
Jonathan D Martin
These guys just made our day. Super positive, super excited to talk with everybody. #MeetaMuslim…
Kay Brizzie
@CINIndivisible Great opportunity in Dayton this Sat. to support @MuslimYouthUSA's efforts to promote religious tolerance and understanding.
Martina Buttler
#meetamuslim at #TrumpInauguration. Saud will mit Trump-Anhängern ins Gespräch kommen. @WDR2 @bayern2
Brody Logan
Gentlemen from @Mka_centralvirginia have talked to hundreds of people at the #Inauguration offering them to #meetamuslim
John Goldsmith
This is such a wonderful idea and am happy to learn of this program. Christians have their own sad history that a lot ignore!#MeetAMuslim
Isaac Oyer
Truly love Ohio State. Muslim students out on the oval with signs saying #MeetAMuslim and telling people to ask them anything 👏👏👏👏
Sebastián Vallejo‏
Un servicio público para el pueblo #TrumpInauguration #Meetamuslim
Today I shook the hand of a brave man fighting bigotry and racism in DC #MeetAMuslim thank you for the opportunity 😊😊😊
Ben Cirba‏
Do yourself a favor and check out http://trueislam.com #meetamuslim
Marika Krause‏
Thank you for the respectful conversations on the national mall today #meetamuslim!
Lynn Carroll
The #MeetAMuslim project has become more than a fun, quirky story. Thank you so much, @TariqHMalik1 and other, for helping us know you.
NBC Asian America
Hashim Khan, 18, stands on the Mall and invites inaugural attendees to ask him questions about being a Muslim. #meetamuslim
Kate Friedman
Huge shoutout & support to the guy on the Oval with a sign reading "#MeetAMuslim Hi I'm A Muslim" who is talking w/ students who walk by ❤️🕌
Positive #MeetaMuslim outreach @TXSTATECAPITOL today post-Biedermann #terrorism summit lst wk @bobphoto @TexasTribune
Best thing I have seen this weekend: #MeetAMuslim #AskMeAnything in downtown #SanJose / #SiliconValley, #CA #StreetPhotography 📸 m9
p(elise) leave
love the #MeetAMuslim group by thompson today... education and humanising is the only way of fighting injustice and fear
Sean Garrett-Roe‏
#MeetAMuslim Three really nice guys. This is an America I can be proud of.
#Muslim youth actively took part in the #MeetAMuslim campaign and answered any questions the people had about #Islam